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Welcome to IUCEA

Vision:  IUCEA becomes an exemplary common higher education area for a prosperous and sustainable East African Community by 2030.

Mission: To encourage and develop mutually beneficial collaboration between Member Universities and between them and Governments and other organizations, both public and private

IUCEA Core Values:  Accountability, Transparency, Unity, Diversity, Integrity, Professionalism and Teamwork

IUCEA executive members visiting IUCEA premise
Category of Goods/ Supplies or Services Name of the pre- qualified companies
Office Furniture and Fittings


1)   Prime Impex 2001 Ltd

2)   Nila Mult Concepts Ltd

3)   Footsteps Co Ltd

Office stationery


1)   Prime Impex 2001 Ltd

2)   Alastar Company (U) Ltd

Computers and related accessories (GDS/0004) 1)   Alastar Company (U) Ltd

2)   MFI Document Solutions Limited

3)   Sybyl Limited

4)   SBS Systems (U) Limited

5)   Aircom Technologies Limited

6)   International Business Solutions Ltd

7)   TMT Technologies (U) Ltd

Travel & Air ticketing services (SRVCS/0001) 1)   Blueberry Voyage Ltd

2)   Bunyonyi Safaris Ltd

3)   Globetrotters Travel and Tours Ltd

4)   Lets go Travel Ltd

5)   Travelog Ltd

6)   Uganda Travel Bureau 2004

7)   WAYTRAVEL Company Limited

8)   Xplorer Travel Services Ltd

9)   Beyond the Sky

Design and printing of publications and publicity/promotional materials (SRVCS/0002)


1)   Inline Print Services Ltd

2)   Roots Printery Limited

3)   Brand Care Limited

4)   Procurex (U) Limited

5)   DataLine Graphics Limited

6)   Givan Innovations Limited

7)   Expression Printers & Stationers Ltd

8)   TTB Investments

Maintenance and Repair of Office Equipment (SRVCS/0003) 1)    MFI Document Solutions Limited

2)    Sybyl Limited

3)    International Business Solutions Limited

Postage/ Courier services (Local) (SRVCS/0005) 1)      DHL International (U) Ltd
Postage/ Courier services (International) (SRVCS/0006) 1)      DHL International (U) Ltd
Car Hire (SRVCS/007) 1)      Daniza Limited

2)      Reliable Car Services Ltd

Office Cleaning, Garbage Disposal, Fumigation and Gardening Services 1)      Almid Clean Services Ltd


General Insurance services (Fire and Special Perils, Burglary, All risks, electronic equipment, Motor private comprehensive insurance) (SRVCS/0011) 1)      Britam Insurance Company (U) Ltd

2)      UAP-Old mutual Company ltd

3)      Jubilee General Insurance Co. (U) Ltd -ALLIANZ

Life Insurance (Group Life Assurance, Group Personal Accident) (SRVCS/0012)


1)      Prudential Assurance (U) Ltd

2)      Britam Insurance Company (U) Ltd

3)      ICEA Life Insurance

4)      Jubilee Life Insurance

5)      UAP-Old mutual Company ltd

6)      Liberty Life Assurance Co. (U) Ltd

7)      UAP Old Mutual Life Assurance (U) Ltd

HR Consultancy Services (SRVCS/0013) 1)      Strategic Engagement

2)      Adroit Consult International

Medical Insurance Services in EAC


1)      UAP Old Mutual Insurance (U) Ltd

2)      Prudential Assurance Uganda Ltd

3)      Jubilee Health Insurance

Maintenance and repairs of electrical equipment including air conditioners, generator, walk-through, gate barrier, and elevator list (SRVCS/0015) 1)      TMT Technologies (U) Ltd
ICT Managed Services (SRVCS/0019) 1)      Sybyl Limited

2)      Computer Revolution Africa

Hotel services (accommodation & Conference facilities in East Africa) (SRVCS/0020) 1)      Bunyonyi Safaris Ltd

2)      Admas Grand Hotel

3)      Speke Resort & Conference Centre Munyonyo

4)      Kabira Country Club Ltd

5)      Silver Spring Hotel

Outside catering services (SRVCS/0021) 1)      Haiba Events Limited
Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles 1)      Arrow Center (U) Limited
Private security services/Private office guarding services (SRVCS/0024) 1)        Corporate Security Services Ltd
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