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Vision:  IUCEA becomes an exemplary common higher education area for a prosperous and sustainable East African Community by 2030.

Mission: To encourage and develop mutually beneficial collaboration between Member Universities and between them and Governments and other organizations, both public and private

IUCEA Core Values:  Accountability, Transparency, Unity, Diversity, Integrity, Professionalism and Teamwork

IUCEA executive members visiting IUCEA premise

Phasing out Islands of Knowledge Cyberspace Enables Univeristy to share Learning resources- Policy Framework



Last Updated: 03-04-2020 15:21


Traditionally, all researchers have worked in intellectual communities, and increasingly, one of the most important uses of information technology in research would be to support their collaboration. In a study conducted in East Africa, the need for sharing learning resources, which is key in any academic and research undertaking, has been reaffirmed. It is expected that through the sharing of e-learning resources, inequity amongst East African universities could be minimised. Within this arrangement, it would be essential that all researchers have access to at least a common base of collaborative technologies such as web access and e-mail. Additionally, more advanced collaboration technologies should be introduced and systematically deployed at the universities. Ten key issues have been identified as core to the successful sharing of e-learning resources including: availability of a coordinating agency, resource mobilization, national research and educational networks, and harmonized policies and processes. Other issues include infrastructure improvement, capacity building, justification for sharing, motivation and existence of sharable resources.

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